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Polices & Procedures



Off-Broadway Performing Arts Studio does not give refunds unless the class is cut from the schedule due to low registration.


Drop Off / Pick Up 


Please walk with your child into the studio and then if you would like to leave, wait until your child has gone into class. Then, please pick up your child on time. If you are going to be late, please contact the studio prior to dropping off your child so that the front desk is aware. When you arrive to pick up your child, please come back into the studio. We will not send your child out to you. This is for the safety of everyone involved. If someone other than your child's legal guardian will be picking him/her up, please provide the studio with a signed, written note from you.




Students should arrive to class 5 minutes early so that they are prepared when class starts. If a student has missed the warm-up, he or she will be asked to warm-up before joining in the class activities. The warm-up is an important part of safe exercise.


Be Prepared


Before class starts, each student should be completely prepared for class including trips to the bathroom, hair pulled back and being dressed in the appropriate clothing and shoes.


Watching Classes

During class times we do not allow parents in the classroom. Your child will have an easier time concentrating and learning if the teacher is the only authority figure in the room. Sometimes it is hard for your child to say goodbye to you before class starts. We have found that it is best to let the child go into the room with his or her teacher. A majority of the time the child will join in with the other children after just a few minutes. The studios have curtains on the observation windows. If the teacher feels that the activity outside the window is distracting the students, the curtains will be closed. It is very important to us to create a productive and nurturing learning environment for your child.  At some point during the course of the class it is common for the instructors to invite people to come into the classroom near the end of class time to see what they have learned so far.  When and how often this happens is left up to the instructor’s discretion.



If your child is going to miss a class, please call and leave a message at the studio for your child's instructor. This helps the instructor better prepare for class. Unless the class is cancelled by Off-Broadway, it will not be rescheduled.



All staff, parents and students are expected to treat others with respect and kindness while at the Off-Broadway Performing Arts Studio.


Video and Photography  

While we recognize that people will often want to take pictures or video of their child in dance class we must also recognize that there are unsavory individuals in the world who would like to take pictures and video of children for illicit purposes.  Because we cannot know who an individual is taking images of nor can we control what they do with those images we must insist that there be no video or photography of our classes.  This policy is for the safety of all our students and we ask that you support our efforts.


Bad Weather Conditions


The Off-Broadway Performing Arts Studio does not automatically close if the area schools are closed. If the weather is questionable, please call the studio at (989) 317-3119. If the studio decides to close due to weather, it will be posted on our Facebook Page, website and we will send out a mass email to all of our families.


Food and Drinks 


Food and drinks (other than water) are not allowed in the studios. Please keep all snacks in the reception and kitchen areas. Gum chewing is not allowed during class as it is easy to choke on.




Other than pre-school classes, each student is expected to practice at least 15 minutes 3 times a week per class that he or she is taking. Practice music and videos will be available on the studio’s website under the resource tab. These resources will become available mid semester.  To get the password, please contact the front desk.


Class Placement and Evaluations  


For technique-based classes (Jazz, Tap, and Ballet) we hold annual evaluations of students’ skill levels to appropriately place them in classes that will help them grow.  Formal evaluations are done for students who are in classes that are level 2 and above.  Students sign-up for evaluation times which take place outside of class in the spring on weekends and during spring breaks for MPPS and CMU.  There is a $20 fee for each evaluation which is paid at the time of the evaluation.  A student may request an additional evaluation prior to the beginning of a new semester if he or she believes that he/she has progressed enough since his/her last evaluation to advance to a higher-level class.  Students who are in beginning dance classes and level 1 classes receive an informal class recommendation from the instructor at the end of the class in the spring.

Make-Up Days

Make-up classes are only scheduled in the event Off-Broadway Performing Arts Studio has to cancel a class or due to a scheduled holiday that will not affect the whole student body (i.e. Labor Day, Easter, etc.). Reasons for canceling a class may include: severe weather, instructor illness in which a substitute teacher is not available, or extreme building maintenance concerns (i.e. air conditioning or furnace not working, building structure damage, etc.). We do everything we can to guarantee our classes run as scheduled. 

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