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Give the Gift of Dance 

For the past 10 years, Off-Broadway Performing Arts Studio has been dedicated to helping those in need discover the world of dance. Each year, people of all ages were given new hope as a result of the Rising Star Scholarship Fund. Those who may not have had the ability to afford dance classes were given the chance to learn, to grow, to celebrate movement, and to build strong friendships. This year, you have the opportunity to give the gift of dance to someone in need. 


Your donation to the Rising Star Scholarship Fund will help go towards the cost of tuition and fees for scholarship applicants. The average cost of a dance class for one semester is $252 ($18 a class for 14 weeks). All donated funds will be dedicated to these dancers. In previous years, Off-Broadway has received more than 20 scholarship applications per semester. Our next semester begins January 11, 2021. In the season of giving, your generosity will give someone a gift that will outlast any toy or object. This year, we invite you to give the gift of dance.

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